Micro Data Availability

In Appendix A  [link] of Donovan, Lu, and Schoellman, "Labor Market Dynamics and Development" (2023), we provide details of data access for all of the countries we use in the paper. 

Table A1 includes hyperlinks to point readers to the correct reference for each individual country in our dataset. Those references in turn include urls to data websites of the respective statistical agency or the relevant dissemination agency.

Table A2 includes a list of countries that we investigated but could not be included for various reasons. These reasons include confidentiality, rotation scheme issues, or lack of response from the relevant statistical agency. We include these to hopefully limit the time researchers have to spend going down non-productive data acquisition paths. 

If something is unclear, please feel free to email us at lfs.dataportal@gmail.com if we can point you in the direction of specific datasets.

Updates since our initial dataset was built...

August 22, 2023: Eurostat has adjusted disclosures in its publicly-available labor force survey microdata. The panels are no longer available and the new format is back-coded to 2006. This means there is no way to download the panel data we used in this paper. From discussions with them, it sounds like they are working to provide panel data to researchers but we have no timeline for their availability.