Rotating Panel Labor Force Surveys

Last update: July 12, 2020

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This website provides access to the data used in Donovan, Lu, and Schoellman (2020). It is maintained by the three authors, Kevin Donovan, Will Lu, and Todd Schoellman. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about the data, or are aware of any data we are missing, please email us at

Data basics:
The data provided here are derived by harmonizing the individual-level responses in rotating panel labor force surveys conducted by governments around the world. These surveys track individuals for (at least) two consecutive quarters, allowing us to construct flows among employment statuses. Our current database includes 67 million observations from 42 countries with real GDP per capita ranging from 2,000 - 70,000.

Micro data access:
Unfortunately we are unable to provide the underlying micro data, due to agreements with various statistical agencies. If you are interested in accessing the micro data, see the Micro Data Availability page for more details. Most can be found online with a bit of searching. The underlying code to clean and harmonize the data is available on the Codes and Documentation page.

Access to data not available on this page:
Any requests for additional disaggregation can be made through the Requests page. We are happy to provide them, assuming we (1) have the data and (2) are allowed to under agreed-upon sharing rules. Requests that violate #2 will generally be narrow data cuts that decrease bin size to an unacceptably small level.

Finally, a few important notes:

  • This webpage is still under construction. Please see the top of this page for most recent updates. We will be adding more data shortly.

  • The paper written with this data is still a working paper, and thus the data is potentially subject to change.

  • The data available here may "get ahead" of the working paper results. New data is released quarterly, and we will attempt to keep these files as current as possible.

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